Hadoop Training: Why should you Opt For

In this competitive job market, strong technical knowledge, expertise and skills are important to get a high paying job in leading MNCs. If you are a fresh graduate looking for a job or experienced developer eager to switch to most demanding technology in IT domain? Then, it’s recommended to take Hadoop Training. In this digital era, companies are dealing with huge amount of data and they require effective data processing and handling technologies to process the huge volume of data.

Hadoop is most advanced big data technologies available in the market that process huge amount data with simple software architecture. Hadoop is an open source framework fully written in Java programming language. Now, there is a growing career prospect in Hadoop technologies. With the rising boom in Hadoop, several reputed IT training institute started giving Hadoop courses.

As Hadoop is fully written in Java programing language, you have basic knowledge on java. Based on a survey, experienced Java professionals are hugely shifted into Hadoop domain. Apart from Java, you need to lean Pig and Hive, two major components in Hadoop technologies. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantage of taking Hadoop Online Training

When comes to Chennai for IT training, FITA has widely recognized the place and it offers training on more than 125+ IT courses that include Hadoop technologies. As leading Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai, we are committed to providing quality education to all our students catering the industry demands. Our training on Hadoop technologies starts with basics to Java programming language that make entire learning process lot simpler. Our course is designed by experienced professionals to offer complete training on Hadoop technologies. It starts with the basics and moves to the advanced level.

Take a look at our course syllabus to have completed overview about the Hadoop course in Chennai.

  • Mastering the notion of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce framework
  • Understanding Hadoop architecture
  • Setting up Hadoop Cluster and writing composite MapReduce programs
  • Making use of YARN, Pig and Hive and performing Data Analytics
  • Executing HBase (Hadoop Database) and MapReduce Integration
  • Learning the data loading techniques by utilizing Flume and Sqoop
  • Working on practical projects on Big Data Analytics
  • Executing best practices for Hadoop development

FITA Academy is the best Hadoop training institute offering professional training by Hadoop technologies by experienced professionals. Our practical oriented training will help students to gain industry exposure to sustain in this competitive environment. Once completing our training, you can start your career as

  • Hadoop developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist

Based on a report, there is a huge gap between the Hadoop job vacancies and skilled Hadoop professionals. Thus, taking Hadoop Online Course will benefit aspirants and experienced professionals to enjoy a ride in big data technologies.

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