Why Developers Prefer Node Js Framework

Developers Prefer Node Js Framework

The event-oriented architecture that is provided by node.js is suitable for real-time and fast-paced applications, especially chat applications as well as games. Primary coding language is javascript that is used to develop a high-end code that will support both server and client-side. So the integration procedure is better and faster. Node JS Training in Chennai assists you to know the reasons Why Developers Prefer Node Js Framework.

The web socket protocol has been highly used in this case. These futures and functionalities provide more benefits to real-time applications, As a result, even if there is an unexpected surge or large jump in traffic, the production of certain advanced developed applications is not degraded or hampered. Numerous cloud services can provide full assistance for Node Js Development, making it the ideal option for real-time applications. 

Node Js is an effective framework for developing real-time applications like games and chat apps. Because JavaScript usage is employed and convoluted on the server-side as well as the client-side, it allows swift synchronization.

Better productivity

Integrating the back-end as well as employing the front-end into a single entity thus makes it efficient. That also suggests a lesser number of resources and a huge amount of profit is on your side. PayPal declared a two-times increase in node.js developer productivity after employing it.

What’s your take on that? Node Js framework is the present trend that is being followed in the industry. Top MNC’s like Microsoft, Yahoo change into node js development, So this is the top reason for a developer to choose this technology. 

Cost-effective Operations

Node.js development would not cost more because it is much easier to develop an application with this Node Js framework. According to research and data, organizations that choose Node.js development have far fewer computational resources for hosting applications. Learn in-depth about Node Js Framework through the Node JS Course in Chennai.

Fast Server

Node js is server side uses JavaScript in the backend when you employ it, and that is sufficient to know how fast the codes can be implemented. Furthermore, it runs on Google’s V8 engine, which accumulates and compiles the JavaScript straight into machine code. Node js is server side that is lighting speed thus enabling it faster than you may imagine.

Cluttered threads are no longer an issue because the ‘event loop’ allows a single thread to handle multiple and concurrent client requests. Scalability, as well as rapid prototyping, becomes a whole lot easier and swifter whatever the application might be. The usage of the Node Js framework is marvelous when you compare the backend that you have at your disposal.

Excellent Ecosystem

Because of the modular design that the Node Js framework provides, it offers an excellent ecosystem for developers and programmers to build Node js mobile apps, Node js web apps, as well as Node js applications. For supporting server-side improvement, the NodeJS ecosystem creates a mix out of the work of front-end JavaScript developers, programmers, and system engineers.

This framework’s ecosystem thus has several dependencies for your information. And that is why it creates it easier for the users to hold, utilize as well as share it. NPM for Node.js packages is the biggest package ecosystem that is provided for the framework. As per the modulecounts.com statistics, you will find around 300,000 packages.

There is also an addition of over 300 new packages that happens every day, which is three times more as compared to any other ecosystem. The development of the Node.js app is a great experience for emerging developers.

This is because it needs lines of code that are 33% lesser when you compare it to other frameworks. Also, it can grab double the number of requests per second and it also shortens the response time by up to 35% when you compare it with Java technologies.


A Node Js framework is an intense tool that is designed to do whatever you want it to do. Whenever you wish to design server-side web applications in JavaScript, this tool comes in handy. Also, the features grow with time and the popularity rises and this creates web development tasks stress-free. If you are searching for resource-rich systems and customizable applications, you should consider opting for this Node Js framework. FITA Academy is the best Node JS Training Institute In Chennai, They provide unique node js development training programs under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.