About Us

FITA Academy is your premier destination for mastering Pega technologies. With a strong legacy in education, we have successfully trained over 75,000+ students in the software sector since our inception in 2010. Our mission is to redefine IT education by offering training programs that bridge industry demands with academic curricula.

At FITA Academy, we go beyond traditional teaching methods. We empower our students and professionals with practical expertise to tackle real-world challenges effectively. Our training programs foster creativity, critical thinking, and continuous growth, ensuring individuals are prepared for success in today’s data-driven world.

FITA Academy

We prioritize personalized learning at FITA Academy. With small class sizes, typically 6 to 8 students per batch, each learner receives individual attention and fully engages with the course material. Additionally, our extensive network of over 1500 businesses enhances our students’ job prospects. Our dedicated placement team is committed to helping you secure your dream job in the IT industry.

Our trainers at FITA Academy are industry veterans with years of hands-on experience in Pega and related technologies. They bring practical knowledge, industry insights, and real-world examples to the classroom, ensuring you learn from the best in the field. Passionate about sharing their expertise, our certified professionals are dedicated to helping you succeed in your career journey.

Why Choose FITA Academy?

  • Expert Faculty
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Placement Assistance

FITA Academy’s expert instructors provide personalized mentorship to help you achieve your goals through real-world learning. Our Pega training programs cover the latest tools and best practices in Pega, with a focus on practical learning through Interactive projects and real-world scenarios. Additionally, we offer placement assistance to connect students with top companies for exciting job opportunities and internships in the field.

Versatile Training Options:

  • IT Training Bootcamps covering ALL Pega technologies
  • Certification Bootcamps for leading Pega certifications
  • Instructor-led Live Online (Virtual) Training
  • On-site Corporate IT Training at your premises
  • Off-site Corporate IT Training at FITA Academy’s premises
  • Staffing services
  • Consulting services
  • Development opportunities

Join FITA Academy today and embark on your journey to master Pega technologies!