Understanding the Fundamental Components of iOS App Structure

Understanding the Fundamental Components of iOS App Structure

IOS is Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple mobile devices. After Android, iOS is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system. The iOS operating system has a layered structure. It does not communicate directly. Communication will be aided by the layers between the Application Layer and the Hardware Layer. The lower level provides fundamental services upon which all applications rely, while the higher-level layers provide graphics and interface-related functions. The majority of system interfaces come with a particular package known as a framework. To know more about the components of iOS App Structure, join FITA Academy‘s iOS Training in Chennai, which will provide you with a diverse several sets of skills and the best Placement Training. This blog will guide you, Understanding the Fundamental Components of iOS App Structure. 

A framework is a directory that contains dynamic shared libraries such as.a files, header files, pictures, and helper programs. Each layer has a collection of frameworks that are useful to developers.


All IOS technologies are built on the lowest level layer, which is the Core OS layer. Among these technologies are:

  1. Core Bluetooth Framework
  2. External Accessories Framework
  3. Accelerate Framework
  4. Security Services Framework
  5. Local Authorization Framework etc.


The CORE SERVICES Layer contains some critical frameworks that assist the iOS operating system in healing itself and providing enhanced functionality. As indicated above, it is the second lowest layer in the Architecture. This layer contains the following key frameworks:

Address Book Framework

The Address Book Frameworks provides access to the contact details of the user.

Cloud Kit Framework

This framework serves as a conduit for data transfer between your app and iCloud.

Core Data Framework

This is the technology used to manage a Model View Controller app’s data model.

Core Foundation Framework

For iOS applications, this framework provides data management and service functionality.

Core Location Framework

This framework assists the application in providing location and heading information.


We will enable all of the system’s graphics, video, and audio technology with the help of the media layer. This is the architecture’s second layer. The various MEDIA layer frameworks are as follows:

ULKit Graphics

This framework supports the creation of images and the animation of view content.

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Media Player Framework

This framework supports playlist playback and allows the user to use their iTunes library.

AV Kit

This framework includes a number of simple interfaces for video display, audio and video recording, and playback.


COCOA Touch is called the application layer, which serves as a user interface for the iOS operating system. It supports touch and motion events, among other things. The following frameworks are provided by the COCOA TOUCH layer:

EvenKit Framework

This framework depicts a common system interface that uses view controllers to display and change events.

GameKit Framework

This framework allows users to share their game-related data online via a Game Center.

MapKit Framework

This framework provides a scrollable map that may be included in the app’s user interface.

PushKit Framework

This framework facilitates registration.

Applications of IOS Operating System

Here are a few applications for the iOS operating system.

  • The iOS Operating System is Apple Inc.’s commercial operating system, and it is well-known for its security.
  • Apple’s iOS operating system includes pre-installed apps such as Mail, Maps, TV, Music, Wallet, Health, and Many More.
  • Swift programming language is used to create apps that operate on the iOS operating system.
  • In the iOS operating system, we can multitask by chatting while surfing the web.

Finally, you enjoyed this blog and now understand everything about Components of iOS App Structure, including Understanding the Fundamental Components of iOS App Structure. 

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