What Are The Interesting Facts About The Spanish?

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What Are The Interesting Facts About The Spanish?

You may believe you know everything there is to know about the Spanish language because it is all around us.

The popularity of Spanish is growing.

It is a lovely language with a global impact on business and culture.

Because it is spoken in many different parts of the world, Spanish speakers benefit from conversing with individuals from all walks of life in Spanish-speaking countries and beyond.

Here are some fascinating facts about the Spanish language that will pique your attention.

1)Spanish Has A Latin Origin

The Spanish language evolved from a specific sort of spoken Latin. Following the downfall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, this dialect originated in the central-northern region of the Iberian Peninsula.

Toledo created a written language standard from the 13th to the 16th century, and Madrid followed suit through the 1500s. The language has spread during the last 1,000 years, heading south towards the Mediterranean.

It was adopted by the Spanish Empire and the Spanish colonies created on the American continent.

2)Arabic Influenced Spanish

In 711, Arab troops began conquering the Iberian Peninsula, bringing Arabic art, architecture, and language to the region. Arabic gradually blended with old Spanish to form the language we know today.

When the Arabs were ousted from Spain in 1492, the language maintained around 8,000 Arabic terms. Aside from Latin, Arabic is the most important contributor to Spanish. Many Spanish words, such as el alfombra (carpet), la almendra (almond), and la almohada (cushion), are derived from Arabic.

Travelling through Spain, you will encounter several Arabic-inspired locations, regions, and historic sites, such as La Alhambra.

3)The Earliest Spanish Texts Over 1000 Years Ago

Las Glosas Emilianenses (Saint Emilianus’ Glosses), penned in 964, were long regarded to be the first written Spanish writings that survived to the present day. They are notes in Spanish and Basque written on a holy Latin text.

The anonymous author is assumed to have been a Suso monastery monk. On the other hand, the Real Academia Espanola stated in 2010 that the first evidence of written Spanish exists in 9th-century mediaeval texts known as the “Cartularies of Valpuesta” from the Burgos province.

4)Spanish Is Poetic And Has A Long Sentence

Your text will most likely grow by 15-25% when translating from English to Spanish. This is not since Spanish words are longer than English terms (and certainly not as long as German words can be).

This enlargement is because Spanish is more detailed, poetic, and expressive than English. As a result, it employs more words to convey something that English could certainly sum up in a single phrase.

Thus, some interesting facts about Spanish are Spanish has a Latin origin, Arabic influenced Spanish, the earliest Spanish over 1000 years, and Spanish is a poetic and long sentence. Join Spanish Classes In Chennai at FITA Academy to learn more about Spanish.