Features of Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE

This blog will discuss some of the Features of Selenium IDE. It will helpful for all beginners.


Selenium is a highly effective automation testing platform. It supports multiple programming languages for writing automation scripts, including Java, Python, C#, and others.

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Features of Selenium IDE:

Selenium Integrated Development Environment is a user-friendly testing tool that is easy to use and install. It also allows for simple learning and the creation of scripts.

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Visually test active web apps:

When evaluating the visual UI of responsive web applications, it’s a good idea to do it across a variety of screen sizes to ensure that nothing seems out of place.

When you utilize the Selenium IDE’s visual UI testing, you may test your web pages on the Visual Grid, which includes over 50 different combinations of emulated devices, viewport sizes, and browsers. learn the different selenium components via Selenium Training in Gurgaon.

Automatically register on test cases:

Selenium IDE offers the ability to record test cases based on interactions with a website automatically.

There is also a property to disable it for users who do not require it. When a test script is recorded, commands are automated and inserted based on the tests performed by the tester.

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Comes with many actions:

The Selenium IDE is based on a set of commands known as Selenese. When consumers test websites in a virtual environment, this is important. The three main forms of commands such as Statements, Assessors, and Actions.

Assertion functionality is Built-in:

Users have the option to verify and add test scripts when creating them with Selenium IDE. Users can quickly learn the properties of web pages by using commands.

When users locate or click any component, a text box appears on the web page, displaying a list of verifying and supporting commands. This list will grow over time as clients continue to use Selenium IDE. Students and professionals who want to become Selenium Testers join Selenium Training in Delhi, where industry experts will provide the best training for all.