How Appium is the Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool?

How Appium is the Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool?

Appium is an open-source solution and ideal for developing native, web, mobile and hybrid apps across numerous platforms. Here, we will see how the Appium automation testing works? It also provides tops reasons why choose Appium server

What is Appium?

It effectively uses WebDriver to test the mobile and web apps on Android and iOS platforms. Sauce Labs created and supports Appium in automating native and hybrid mobile apps. Appium Training in Chennai provides you with more opportunities for your career advancement.

How Appium is the Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool?

Use of standard API

It does not require any code modifications or recompilation codes of your app because it uses the standard API across all platforms. 

Appium makes it simple to write tests for Android and iOS platforms using the same API. However, different Android and iOS scripts are still required because the UI elements differ on both platforms.

Use any WebDriver compatible language:

The tests can be written in any WebDriver-compatible language, such as Perl with the WebDriver API, Java, PHP, C#, Python, Javascript or Ruby, with Node.js.

Testing Framework of Choice

Appium allows mobility groups to use the toolset of their choice. Tests could be written in Javascript using Apple’s UI Automation library or in Java using Google’s UI Automator. 

Cross-platform Automation Testing:

It is the greatest cross-platform mobile automation testing tool because it can test on both iOS and Android devices. It utilizes the JSON wire functional protocol to transmit with Android and iOS via Selenium WebDriver.

It effectively uses Apple’s libraries and an application called Tools to automate iOS apps. FITA Academy‘s Appium Training Online will be your career establishing course.

After iOS 9.3, the API tools have been modified and replaced with the XCUITest framework. It proxies the integration control to the UIAutomator test scripts run on each device, which is similar to the method used in Android. 

Open Source

It is an open-source software framework that supports emulators, simulators and real devices. Also native, mobile, web, and hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices.  


Now you would have understood How Appium is the Best Mobile Automation Testing Tool?. So to have a profound understanding of Appium, you can join Appium Training in Coimbatore and learn Appium features, benefits and tools.