What Is Data Visualization In Data Science?

what is Data Visualization

Data Science:

Data science is a branch of applied mathematics and statistics that uses massive amounts of complicated data, sometimes known as big data, to offer usable information. Data science, also known as data-driven science, integrates elements of various sciences with the use of computation to evaluate large amounts of data for decision-making. Here in this blog we will discuss what is data visualization and to learn more about data visualization techniques join, FITA Academy offers the best Data Science Course in Chennai.

Data Visualization

What is it?

Data visualisation may appear to be less complicated than other areas. However, I believe you will discover that data visualisation is more complex than it appears. Let’s begin by defining our topic, as obvious as it may appear.

The act of communicating data or results through an image or chart is known as data visualisation.

The most widespread misunderstanding is that the most significant aspect of a visualisation is how appealing it appears. While this is critical, it is not what we are attempting to communicate. The ultimate goal is to communicate the insights you discovered in the data in the most brain-friendly way possible. Researchers discovered that colour visualisations improve readers’ willingness to read by 80%, according to NeoMam Studios.

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Common Types

Let’s have a look at some typical visualisation types now. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list. Rather, it’s a collection of some of the most typical 2-D visualisations I’ve seen in my time. So here it is:

Multidimensional: Multidimensional graphs and charts are those that deal with several variables. This is by far the most common type of graphic you’ll encounter. Pie charts, histograms, and scatter plots are some examples.

Time-Driven: All of these visualisations employ time as a foundation for successfully expressing data. Any of these can be an effective strategy for communicating change over time. Times series, gantt charts, and arc diagrams are some examples.

Geospatial: Geospatial visualisations, as the name implies, are all about location. These are frequently used to convey information about a particular area or region. Dot distribution maps, percentage symbol maps, and contour maps are some examples.

Important Factors

There are a few crucial components that all outstanding data visualisations share. Below is a list of the ones that I believe are the most important.

Information: Having accurate and consistent information is important. It makes no difference what your ultimate output is if the data is untrustworthy.

Story: Make your visualisation meaningful. It should be something that is in some way related to the project or society. What good is it to make a graphic if no one wants to see it?

Function: It is your obligation to make the information you are delivering simple and easy to understand, no matter how complex it is. The capacity to translate your data into a format that is understandable by those who aren’t necessarily technical will be critical. In the workplace, this is especially true.

Attractive: Last but not least, your visualisation must be visually appealing. It should entice them in and be visually appealing. You’ll need to consider elements like balance, colour, consistency, and sizing, among other things, to do this.

Significance in Data Science

No matter what subject you want to focus on, data visualisation abilities are incredibly useful for data scientists. Being able to effectively express facts through graphics rather than words simplifies your message and, as a result, increases your chances of making an impact with your work.


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